The hindu epaper free pdf today – 30 & 31 March

The hindu epaper free pdf today – 30 & 31 March

The hindu news paper is such a paper for upsc, state PCS, SSC and any aspirants who prepare, the news or current affairs coming in the hindu news paper helps a lot in the exam but this news paper is not available everywhere Yes, and for some, this news paper also becomes very costly.

But with the help of our team, we are trying to give you the major news coming in The Hindu which can help you in your exam for free, so that every visitor of this website can prepare for the exam with correct information.

You can definitely prepare for your exam by downloading this pdf.

Flash News from the Hindu 30 March

1- National Policy of Rare Diseases

Main Point of news

  • Financial Support
  • Alternate Funding
  • Centres of Excellence
  • National Registry
  • What are Rare Diseases?

2- Pench Tiger Reserve

Main Point of News

  • PTR is the joint pride of both Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
  • The green cover is thickly spread throughout the reserve.

3- Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully launched the Polar Satellite

Main Point of news

  • What are the Satellites Launched?
  • Nano Satellite-2 for Bhutan (INS-2B)
  • Significance of INS-2B
  • Thymbolt Satellites

4- ChatGPT Chatbot

Main Point of news

  • What is ChatGPT?
  • What is a Chatbot?
  • Belle II experiment Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain technology Digital/ Cryptocurrency
  • CRISPR – Cas9 Particle Physics
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

5- Piezoelectric effect

Main Point of news

  • What is the Piezoelectric Effect?
  • What are the Implications of Discovery?

6- GST appellate tribunal may be headed by a former Supreme Court judge

Main point of news

  1. What Exactly is the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?
  2. What is the GST Council?
  3. Union Finance Minister – Chairperson
  4. What is the GST Appellate Tribunal?

Flash News from the Hindu 31 March

7- UPI-PayNow Integration

Main Point of news

  1. What is UPI and PayNow?
  2. PayNow is a fast payment system in Singapore.
  3. What is the Significance of the Move?

8- Indian Sub Species: Panthera tigris tigris.

Main Point of News

  1. Bengal Tigers: Indian Subcontinent
  2. South China tiger: South central China.
  3. Threats
  4. Protection Status
  5. What is the Status of Tiger Population in India?

9- Custodial Violence is Biggest Threat to Human Rights: CJI

Main Point of News

  • Social Empowerment
  • Government Policies & Interventions
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Custodial Violence
  • Lengthy Judicial Processes
  • nstitutional Challenges
  • Constitutional and Legal Provisions

10- Great Nicobar project

Main Point of news

  1. Great Nicobar is the southernmost island of the Nicobar Islands Archipelago.
  2. The Mongoloid Shompen Tribe
  3. Issues Raised by Environmentalists

11- Education Technology in India

Main Point of news

  • What is the Significance of EdTech for India?
  • Educators Availability
  • Remove Age Barriers
  • What are the Challenges Associated with EdTech?
  • Business Malpractice
  • What are the Recent Grassroot Innovative EdTech Programmes in India?

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