27 April 2023 current affairs pdf free download

27 April 2023 current affairs pdf free download

(Governance, constitution, polity, social justice, and international affairs)

This news (current affairs pdf free) is mainly important for GS Paper 1 and 2, the given pdf covers the major points you will be having on it. You can get its complete information in PDF very well.

27 April 2023 current affairs pdf free download

1- ‘Operation Kaveri’ started to evacuate its citizens from Sudan

‘Operation Kaveri’ has been launched by India to evacuate its citizens due to the current crisis in Sudan. Approximately 3,000 Indians are trapped in the capital Khartoum and other remote regions of Sudan, including Darfur.

Key Point

  • Operation Kaveri
  • What is the history of the dispute?
  • Current crisis in Sudan
  • Result of The Current Crisis
  • India-Sudan Relations

2- Hearing on ‘same sex marriage’ continues in Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s fifth day of hearing on 20 petitions asking for the recognition of same-sex marriages is already over. During this, a petitioner claimed that by refusing to recognise same-sex marriage, you are denying LGBTQ couples’ children the opportunity to become parents.

Key Point

  • What did the Solicitor General say?
  • Important arguments of the petitioners
  • Status of same-sex marriages in India
  • Important SC Judgements on LGBTQ Rights
  • Arguments in Favour of same sex marriage

4- The ongoing protest against the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI)

The Supreme Court will hear the case on Friday, April 28, after the latest round of wrestler protests against Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh reached their fifth day on Thursday (April 27).

Key Point

  • About Wrestling Federation of India
  • Why are India’s top wrestlers protesting?
  • What are the protesting wrestlers demanding?
  • What steps has the central government taken?

Gk 24 April Current Affairs 2023 Questions and Answer

Q 1: India formed a trilateral grouping to deepen ties and co-operation with which among two other countries?

A. Iran and Armenia
B. Turkey and Iran
C. Oman and Turkey
D. Afghanistan and Iraq

Ans- A. Iran and Armenia

Q 2: According to SIPRI’s recent report, what is the position (rank) of India as biggest military spender in the world?

A. 4th
B. 5th
C. 6th
D. 7th

Ans- A. 4th

Q 3: Recently, who is appointed as the chairman of National Technical Research Organisation(NTRO) by the Gov.?

A. Arun Sinha
B. Animesh Sinha
C. Arjun Roy
D. Adil Khan

Ans- A. Arun Sinha

Q 4: Recently, which Union Minister launches e-commerce portal exclusively for handloom & handicraft industry?

A. Piyush Goyal
B. Giriraj Singh
C. Narayan Tatu Rane
D. Narendra Singh Tomar

Ans- A. Piyush Goyal

Q 5: Recently, who takes charge as new DPIIT(Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) secretary?

A. Rajesh Kumar Singh
B. Rakesh Kumar Sinha

C. Arvind Arora
D. Mukesh Shahani

Ans- A. Rajesh Kumar Singh

Q 6: Recently, who is Appointed as the Chairman of MMA-1 Federation(Mixed Martial Arts)?

A. Mahavir Singh Phogat
B. Ajeet Solanki Rawat
C. Animesh Sinha
D. Vishal Singh Roy

Ans- A. Mahavir Singh Phogat

Q 7: For which of the following drive, the Health Ministry received the ‘PM’s Award’ For Excellence in Public Administration, recently?

A. Covid vax drive
B. Covid test drive
C. Covid track drive
D. All of the above

Ans- A. Covid vax drive

Q 8: RBI imposes penalty of how many Rs. on 4 co-operative banks, recently?

A. Rs 44 lakh
B. Rs 45 lakh
C. Rs 46 lakh
D. Rs 47 lakh

Ans- A. Rs 44 lakh

Q 9: Who is the Amazon’s Indigenous woman to honored with Goldman environment prize, recently?

A. Alessandra Korap
B. Dilma Rousseff
C. Carmen Miranda
D. Maria Bethânia

Ans- A. Alessandra Korap

Q 10: Recently, Parkash Singh Badal was the patriarch of the Shiromani Akali Dal passed away, how many times he had served Punjab as CM?

A. 5-times
B. 4-times
C. 3-times
D. 2-times

Ans- A. 5-times

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