19 April 2023 current affairs pdf free download

19 April 2023 current affairs pdf free download

(Governance, constitution, polity, social justice, and international affairs)

This news (current affairs pdf free) is mainly important for GS Paper 1 and 2, the given pdf covers the major points you will be having on it. You can get its complete information in PDF very well.

19 April 2023 current affairs pdf free download

1- Texas farm fire, kills 18,000 cows

On April 10, a fire broke out inside a milking parlour at a dairy farm in Dimmitt, Texas, killing over 18,000 cows and badly injuring one female worker.

Sid Miller, the commissioner of agriculture for Texas, stated in a statement: “While devastating, I’m grateful that there were no additional injuries to agricultural workers or any human lives lost.” The investigation and cleaning may need some time because this was the worst barn fire for livestock in Texas history.

Key Point

  • What happened in the dairy farm?
  • Are such incidents of fire common in America?
  • Mass animal incidents in the US

2- 1984 Sikh riots case: CBI records voice sample of former Congress leader Jagdish Tytler

A Congress politician recently went before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to provide voice samples in relation to his suspected involvement in three mob-related murders that occurred during the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots.

Key Point

  • Process of collecting voice samples
  • Methods
  • Legitimacy behind collecting voice samples
  • Court’s Comment
  • Drawbacks

3- Extra-judicial killings due to encounter in UP, is in discussion

Following an encounter in Uttar Pradesh, the Supreme Court (SC) recently voiced its opinions on extrajudicial killings (EJK) in India, declaring that EJKs are a violation of the right to life, which is a Fundamental Right protected by the Constitution. The SC also stated that there had been a number of encounters and extrajudicial executions in India in recent years, raising questions about the abuse of authority by the police.

Key Point

  • What is Extra Judicial Killing?
  • Constitutional Provisions
  • Rights of Police
  • Status of EJKs in India
  • What are the Causes behind EJKs?
  • What are the Guidelines Related to Encounters in India?
  • NHRC

Gk Current Affairs 2023 Questions and Answer

Q-1:- Which country have to chair SCO Environment, Emergencies Ministers Meet this week(20-April)?

A. India
B. China
C. Russia
D. Pakistan

Ans– A. India

Q-2:- Recently, which country becomes the founding member of International Big Cats Alliance?

A. Nepal
B. China
C. Singapore

Ans- A. Nepal

Q-3:- Recently, which of the following country launches its first operational satellite into space with SpaceX rocket?

A. Kenya
B. Nepal
C. Singapore

Ans- A. Kenya

Q-4:- Which of the following country becomes the Largest Producer of ‘Captagon’, A Globally Declared Illicit Substance?

A. Syria
B. Iran
C. Iraq
D. Afghanistan

Ans- A. Syria

Q-5:- Recently, who is sworn as Nepal’s new Foreign Minister?

A. Narayan Prasad Saud
B. Narayan Kaji Shrestha

C. Sharad Singh Bhandari
D. Mahindra Ray Yadav

Q-6:- Wholesale inflation continues in downtrend, as a result, what percent of moderates was in March?

A. 1.34 %
B. 1.35 %
C. 2.34 %
D. 2.35 %

Ans- A. 1.34 %

Q-7:- Arunachal Pradesh CM inaugurates Shar Nyima Tsho Sum Namyig Lhakhang (Gonpa) in which of the following District?

A. Tawang
B. Itanagar
C. Namsai
D. Longding

Ans- A. Tawang

Q-8 :- Recently, who is appointed as interim CEO of Karnataka Bank?

A. Sekhar Rao
B. Neal Mohan
C. Arvind Krishna
D. Laxman Narasimhan

Ans- A. Sekhar Rao

Q-9 :- Which city is to host Men’s Hockey Asian Cham-pions Trophy-2023 held from August 3 to August12?

A. Chennai
B. Mumbai
C. Delhi
D. Kolkata

Ans- A. Chennai

Q-10 :- Which Indian-American FedEX CEO is presented with ‘Pravasi Bharatiya Samman’, recently?

A. Raj Subramaniam
B. Sundar Pichai
C. Jayshree Ullal
D. Satya Nadella

You can also find the hindu Analysis PDF 2023

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