14 April current affairs pdf today 2023

14 April current affairs pdf today 2023

(Governance, constitution, polity, social justice, and international affairs)

This news (current affairs pdf) is mainly important for GS Paper 1 and 2, the given pdf covers the major points you will be having on it. You can get its complete information in PDF very well.

14 April current affairs pdf today 2023

1- Biden arrives in Northern Ireland on completion of 25 years of Good Friday Agreement

The US President paid a visit to Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, to commemorate the Good Friday Agreement’s 25th anniversary.

The Good Friday Agreement, which put an end to the 30-year bloodshed known as “The Troubles,” has been praised as a successful agreement to resolve protracted disputes.

Key Point

  • What were The Troubles?
  • What were the terms of the Good Friday Agreement?
  • What is the situation after 25 years?
  • Why is Biden so excited about this?

2- Kurmi community is demanding recognition as Scheduled Tribe

Following guarantees from the West Bengal administration, the Kurmi community, which is calling for Scheduled Tribe (ST) designation and the inclusion of their language in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, ended their agitation after nearly a week of rallies. Some members met with government representatives on Tuesday (April 11) in Kolkata.

Key Point

  • Kurmi community
  • When was it excluded from the ST list?
  • Why was they thrown out?
  • What are their demands?
  • Procedure to be added to ST list

3- The Inter-Services Organization Bill, 2023 introduced in Lok Sabha

The Inter-Services Organisations (Command, Control and Discipline) Bill, 2023 was recently submitted in Lok Sabha to provide approved military commanders the authority to command soldiers and impose discipline regardless of the service to which they are assigned.

Key Point

  • What are the main provisions of the Bill?
  • Empowering Military Commanders
  • Enabling Provisions for Joint Service Organisations
  • Importance 0f Inter-Services Organisation Bill
  • Current Status of Indian Armed Forces
  • Why are reforms important in the Indian Army?

Gk Current Affairs Questions and Answer

Q-1:- Recently, India to sign cross-border digital payments deal to boost trade, with which of the following Neighboring country?

A. Nepal
B. China
C. Myanmar
D. Bangladesh

Ans– A. Nepal

Q-2:- Recently, with which Southeast Asian country, US hold largest war drills near disputed(Chinese) waters?

A. Philippines
B. Malaysia
C. Singapore
D. Indonesia

Ans- A. Philippines

Q-3:- What is the name of India’s first Semi-High Speed Regional Rail Service?

D. None of the above


Q-4:- Recently, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurates ‘Peerah-Kunfer Tunnel’ at which of the following City?

A. Ramban
B. Nashri
C. Kulgam
D. Udhampur

Ans- A. Ramban

Q-5:- PM Modi Flags Off Rajasthan’s 1st Vande Bharat Express that will run between Delhi and which of these City?

A. Ajmer
B. Udaipur

C. Jodhpur
D. Jaisalmer

Ans- A. Ajmer

Q-6:- Recently, RailTel bags order of how many Crores (Rs) from Bihar for implementation, management of Electronic Knowledge Network?

A. Rs 76.10 Crores
B. Rs 77.10 Crores
C. Rs 78.10 Crores
D. Rs 79.10 Crores

Ans- A. Rs 76.10 Crores

Q-7:- Which of the following trust, introduced online chat service for those in ‘distress’ and in need of help?



Q-8 :- Recently, Sebi unveils new logo with a modern design on which edition of of its Foundation Day?

A. 35th
B. 36th
C. 37th
D. 38th

Ans- A. 35th

Q-9 :- Nisha Dahiya wins which medal at Asian wrestling meet-2023, recently?

A. Silver Medal
B. Gold Medal
C. Bronze Medal
D. All of the Above

Ans- A. Silver Medal

Q-10 :- Name the Ex Chairman of Mahindra Group who dies At 99, Recently?

A. Keshub Mahindra
B. Ashish Mahindra
C. Kishan Mahindra
D. Naresh Mahindra

Ans- A. Keshub Mahindra

You can also find the hindu Analysis PDF 2023

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